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Šířka na ráfku (mm/")

Šířka na ráfku (mm/")

Competition classic tyres

Michelin XAS-FF - racing tire with a tread from the 60s

Competition tires from the 70's and 80's:
Michelin TB5 + F - Top soft dry competition tire
Michelin TB5 + R - Top hard dry competition tire
Michelin TB15 + - Legendary intermedium tire suitable for wet tracks
Michelin PB20 - Wet competition tires

Competition classic tyres

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  • Šířka na ráfku (mm/"): 266/9

23/62 - 15 Michelin PB20

The classic car rally maxi-rain special
Important grip on soaking wet roads

Thanks to a groove rate greater than that of the MICHELIN TB15+, the MICHELIN PB20 allows for rally driving on roads with a very high water level.
Available in 15"

Road approved

Alt. size: 225/45 R13 72V

Price 11,827 Kč